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40 years of experience and know-how

Trebi is a manufacturer of robotic metalworking machines with 40 years of experience. Our team, with an average age of 32 years, embodies the essence of a dynamic and innovative company with expertise in the field of metalworking. Trebi’s robotic metalworking machines are the result of a unique and efficient process. These impressive systems are assembled and tested at our premises, allowing customers to approve them before shipment.

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This procedure ensures rapid, smooth installation and production start-up in just 48 hours. Our after-sales service is impeccable. Trebi’s technicians, with extensive know-how in metalworking, promptly identify and solve any problems at the customer’s site. We also offer cost-effective basic and advanced training courses with ongoing support for customers’ staff. Spare parts are also always guaranteed in real time, thanks to the constantly updated supply we add daily to our warehouses located throughout the world. Trebi is the ideal partner for anyone looking for high-quality, efficient robotic metalworking machines. Our production cycle, from the initial analysis of the customer’s needs to the development of the solution, from 3D design to assembly and start-up, guarantees a comprehensive and customised service. Choose Trebi for state-of-the-art and reliable solutions.

Since 1985
Decades of Excellence in Robotic Metalworking and Innovation

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From Concept to Production

The journey with Trebi begins with a careful analysis of the customer’s needs and by thoroughly understanding the specific production requirements. Our team of experts, with their eye for innovation and efficiency, starts working on customised solutions that precisely and reliably meet your requirements. Every stage of assembly and wiring is meticulously carried out at our premises, where the machines undergo rigorous testing and pre-testing. This process ensures that each component functions perfectly, guaranteeing a superior and highly reliable end product. After completion, the machines are presented to the customer for final approval. Once we have received the go-ahead, we proceed with the installation on site. This transition is rapid and smooth, allowing the machines to start production in a very short time, thus meeting the customer’s expectations in terms of timing and performance. The journey with Trebi, from conception to production, is seamless, transparent, and always marked by excellence.
Unlike most of our competitors, who often build and assemble machines directly at customer sites, causing long downtimes and significant production interruptions, we adopt a more efficient and less invasive approach. All construction, assembly and testing is carried out at our premises, minimising inconvenience for the customer. This means that instead of enduring weeks of production downtime, our customers face only 48 hours of operational slowdown for the installation and start-up of the new machines. This competitive advantage not only optimises production time but also ensures that the integration of new systems takes place with maximum efficiency and without compromising business continuity.

The phases
of our work


Customer request


Study of the technical-economic solution


Purchase order receipt


Mechanical design


Electrical design


Processing of components


Electrical assembly


Mechanical Assembly


Software Development


Testing and Delivery


Commissioning, Start Up and Training in Customer Facility





Standard and Custom Machinery

Since 1985, Trebi has designed and installed over 500 robotic finishing cells, offering both standard and customised solutions. Our standard models, the result of years of experience, are designed to maximise efficiency. Carefully developed personalised solutions meet customers’ specific needs, ensuring unique and targeted performance in line with market trends and the specific requirements of the foundries with whom we collaborate.

Standard cells
Customized cells
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Instant & Effortless Installation:

Our products
Strong points

Experience seamless, swift installation with our products, ensuring rapid operational start and superior performance in just a few steps.


Our products strong points

  • We build your machine at our facility in the United States, ensuring quality and stability with the foundation on which it is constructed.
  • During the machine construction, we ensure that your production cycle is not interrupted or slowed down.
  • Prior to delivery, we conduct rigorous testing and inspections at our facility to ensure proper machine functionality.
  • The installation at your site takes a maximum of two days thanks to the efficiency of our technical team.
  • The machine, due to its foundation, can be easily relocated at any time, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Instant and Effortless Installation: Fast and Easy to Install and to Move

Discover the ease of setting up with our robotic metalworking machines, designed for instant and effortless installation. Engineered for flexibility, these machines can be quickly installed and relocated, adapting to your dynamic production needs. Embrace the convenience of fast, hassle-free setup and the ability to move seamlessly within your workspace, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Since 1985, Trebi has established itself as a leader in the design and installation of over 500 robotic finishing cells, covering a wide range of industrial applications. Our offer includes both standard and customised solutions designed to meet the requirements of efficiency and precision within the metalworking industry. Our standard models include dedicated robotic deburring machines, which are essential for removing burrs and imperfections from machined parts, ensuring a high quality finish and the necessary safety for subsequent production steps. These systems are optimised for consistent and repetitive deburring operations, ensuring uniform results. For metal cutting, we offer robotic systems that combine precision and speed, capable of performing complex cuts with maximum accuracy. These machines are ideal for operations requiring high geometric precision and are designed to reduce material waste and optimise production times. Our grinding machines are designed to meet the challenges of surface finishing, removing imperfections and preparing parts for the next stages of treatment or assembly. These robotic systems are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure a uniform, high-quality surface finish. In the area of sanding, our robotic machines are designed to clean and smooth the surface of metals through the use of high-speed blasted abrasive materials. These systems are particularly useful for preparing metal surfaces prior to painting or other treatments.

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With regard to finishing, Trebi offers robotic solutions that ensure an impeccable aesthetic appearance and optimum surface protection. These machines are essential to ensure that finished parts meet the highest quality standards and are ready for final use or sale. Finally, our trimming systems are designed to precisely remove excess material from machined parts, ensuring clean edges and defined profiles. These robotic machines are essential for obtaining parts with tight tolerances and precise dimensional specifications. Each customised solution is developed in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that the robotic machinery specifically meets their production requirements. This customised approach allows us to provide machinery that not only meets production requirements, but also integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the finished product. Our team, with an average age of 32, is the beating heart of the company. Young, dynamic and highly specialised, the Trebi team combines energy and expertise, ensuring a fresh and proactive, yet experienced and reliable, approach to metalworking. Trebi’s robotic metalworking machines are manufactured via a thorough and innovative production process. Before leaving our premises, each machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance. The standard machines offer reliable and proven solutions, while the customised versions are designed to integrate seamlessly into customers’ production processes, with concrete examples of installations that have revolutionised production in several partner foundries. After-sales service is another of Trebi’s strengths. Our technicians are ready to intervene quickly and efficiently when needed, reducing downtime and ensuring constant support. We also offer specific training courses designed to provide customers’ personnel with the necessary skills to operate and maintain the machines independently and safely. Trebi’s training courses are structured in basic and advanced modules, each lasting 8 hours and costing €200. These courses are a worthwhile investment for companies, which can count on a trained and capable in-house team, with the possibility of contacting our trainers for clarification or support at any time, at no extra cost. Trebi’s process accompanies the customer from conception to production. It starts with a detailed needs analysis, followed by the design and implementation of solutions that reflect the specific requirements. The customer is involved at every stage, with the option of testing the machines at our premises before final installation. Choosing Trebi means opting for a reliable and competent partner in the field of robotic metalworking machines. Our experience, professional team and customer-oriented approach are a guarantee of success for every project. Contact us to find out how we can support your production with state-of-the-art, customised solutions.

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