Metal Cutting Shear

Breaker 2.0 is the cutting shear used to cut off ingate channels and vacuum channels to reduce casting size before next steps.

  • Pneumo-hydraulic solution
  • High power
  • Very compact
  • No extrnal hydraulic unit

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Main advantages of installing this Shear:

  • Reducing casting dimensions, you can reduce trimming press
  • More reliability of die casting process
  • Reducing casting dimensions, you need less space to store casting

Tested Capability:


Technical data

Pneumohydraulic cylinder force Up to 48kN (4.8 ton)
Theoretical cutting ability 240mm2
Total weight 110 kg
Cutting knives material Special hardened steel
Joint Made in case-hardened steel and lubricated through internal holes by micro fog oil
Toggle system Heavy duty recirculating ball bearing guide to avoid tilting-moments on the cylinder rod
Mounting position allowed Vertical, horizontal & inclined
Electrical device Siemens PLC




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    Metal Cutting Shear: BREAKER 2.0

    The Breaker 2.0 Shear: Efficiency and Power for sprue cutting in robotic die-casting plants

    The Breaker 2.0 metal cutting shear represents a quantum leap in aluminium die-casting, offering a powerful and flexible solution for cutting ingates and runners. This advanced tool, designed to meet the challenges posed by the ever-increasing size of die-cast workpieces, is an excellent example of how modern technology can optimise and make production processes more efficient. The Breaker 2.0 metal cutting shear exerts a force of 48kN (4.8 ton), which enables it to handle a theoretical cutting capacity of 240mm2. Weighing only 110 kg, this shear is characterised by its versatility, being able to be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle, thus adapting to different space configurations and production needs. One of the most innovative aspects of Breaker 2.0 is its integration time, which takes just over an hour. This rapid installation minimises downtime and allows an almost immediate return to full operation. The heart of the shear is managed by a Siemens PLC, a guarantee of reliability and ease of programming. The Breaker 2.0 metal cutting shear was developed to address the need to reduce the size of the die-cast workpieces prior to their positioning in the blanking machine. This step is crucial to ensure more compact and efficient die-casting cells, optimising the entire production process.

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    The use of the Breaker 2.0 overcomes the limitations of conventional machines, which are often unable to handle the large size of today’s die-cast workpieces. The Breaker 2.0 metal cutting shear, with its power and precision, makes it possible to cut large workpieces without the need for huge machines and dies, resulting in significant space and cost savings. We know how important it is to remove ingates and runners in order to make compliant parts. With Breaker 2.0, this process is not only possible, but also becomes more efficient. The metal cutting shear is tangible evidence of how innovation can transform industrial operations, making them more flexible and competitive. The Breaker 2.0 metal cutting shear is the answer to the needs of a market that demands increasingly efficient solutions capable of handling complex machining operations. Its introduction into the production process promises to revolutionise the way companies approach metal cutting, offering a route to greater efficiency and cost reduction. The Breaker 2.0 is not just a machine, but a step into the future of metalworking.