Metal finishing robot production

Founded in 1985, Trebi has established itself as a leading producer of metal finishing robots, with a relentless commitment to efficiency and precision. For more than three decades, we have been dedicated to providing innovative, tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of every customer in the vast metalworking industry. The finishing process is crucial in industrial production. Our robots, designed to ensure high quality finishes, represent excellence in the production of metal finishing robots. A distinctive example is our robotic cells. These advanced systems, equipped with software and three-dimensional simulations, make it possible to anticipate consumption, cycle times and level of finish before the system becomes operational.

The phases
of our work


Customer request


Study of the technical-economic solution


Purchase order receipt


Mechanical design


Electrical design


Processing of components


Electrical assembly


Mechanical Assembly


Software Development


Testing and Delivery


Commissioning, Start Up and Training in Customer Facility


A Reliable Partner

Opting for Trebi means choosing an experienced and reliable partner in the field of metal finishing robot production. Our experience, combined with a customer-centric approach and a constant commitment to innovation, makes us a benchmark in the industry. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your production with state-of-the-art, customised solutions.


Metal finishing robot production: our machinery

  • Trebi has its production headquarters in Brescia: the heart of the industry and a reference point for Europe.
  • Trebi is involved in the project from its inception. Starting from the initial phase of analyzing the customer’s request, to mechanical and electrical design, assembly, wiring, software design, installation, and commissioning at the customer’s site.
  • Trebi creates 3D designs, simulations of the work cycle, and tests to ensure the achievement of objectives.
  • A Demo and test machine is always available at Trebi for customers’ use.
  • Thanks to our company’s structure, our machines achieve the highest performance and reliability over time.
  • Before delivery, the machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure their proper functionality.
  • Machines are built on an integral base: all components are fixed to the base, and cables and tubes are positioned inside the machine in appropriate channels.
  • Due to their construction, the machines are easily repositionable.
  • Pre-commissioning tests are conducted at Trebi: the customer approves the work cycle before taking delivery of the machine.
  • Installation times are a maximum of 2 days: 1 day for mechanical installation and electrical connection, and 1 day for machine startup.
  • Standard, modular, and reconfigurable solutions.

Standard and Custom Machinery

Since 1985, Trebi has designed and installed over 500 robotic finishing cells, offering both standard and customised solutions. Our standard models, the result of years of experience, are designed to maximise efficiency. Carefully developed personalised solutions meet customers' specific needs, ensuring unique and targeted performance in line with market trends and the specific requirements of the foundries with whom we collaborate.

Standard cells
Customized cells
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