International Presence:
Excellence on Every Continent

Trebi is committed to providing high-quality solutions worldwide, with an emphasis on efficiency and availability. Our international expansion testifies to our ambition to be close to our customers, wherever they are, offering them not only precision machinery but also timely and reliable after-sales support. In Asia, our warehouse and contact point in Shanghai ensure that customers have quick access to the spare parts they need to keep their operations running smoothly. This level of service is crucial for companies that depend on our metalworking solutions, such as robotic grinding machines and deburring equipment. In the United States, our headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, serves as a central hub for the Americas, ensuring efficient distribution and nearby customer service. This strategic presence is essential in order to offer a responsive and personalised service, characteristics appreciated by our customers.

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Logistics Strategies for Global Support
Full Coverage and Borderless Service

In Europe, our partner in Karlsruhe, Germany, extends our capacity to provide technical advice and business support, ensuring that European customers benefit from dedicated service and tailor-made solutions. Our logistics network is designed to respond promptly to any request, with the capacity to deliver our products and services, including robotic metal grinding and sandblasting machines, to any country. This global coverage is a fundamental pillar of our offer, and we are committed to maintaining and improving it to meet our customers’ needs. Our mission goes beyond providing advanced machinery; we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers, offering support and services that ensure the efficiency of their operations. Regardless of your location, you can count on us for technical support, training and advice. At Trebi, we are proud to serve the metalworking industry with a presence that transcends geographical boundaries. Our network, strategic warehouses and technical partners are the result of an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With our robotic metal grinding and sandblasting machines and other processing solutions, we demonstrate on a daily basis that distance is not a limitation to our service. We are here to support your company, wherever you are, with state-of-the-art solutions and excellent customer service. Contact us to find out how we can optimise your production, regardless of your location. With Trebi, distance is never an issue.

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